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Ballast Environmental is committed to the Health and Safety of everyone on our team and everyone on our job sites. Health and Safety is a priority in all our operations. Ballast Environmental strives to exceed all legislative requirements and is committed to the continual improvement and development of all policies and procedures. Safety is everyone’s responsibility and each employee is responsible for following, maintaining and the continual improvement of the safety program as well as setting a good example. Managers are responsible for protecting the employees and the company. Supervisors are responsible for maintaining a safe worksite.

Ballast Environmental takes noncompliance of our safety policies very seriously. Any employee, contractor, subcontractor or visitor who is non-compliant will face disciplinary action. The goal of the Ballast Safety Program is to have an accident-free worksite by complying with all regulations,providing effective communication between all parties involved, providing appropriate training to our employees and ensuring all employees are aware of our period.

Ballast Environmental holds a Small Employer Certificate of Recognition (SECOR) through the certifying partner Energy Safety Canada. We are proud to have a zero claims record with the Workers Compensation Board.