Ballast Environmental provided the following to achieve project goals:

  • soils, vegetation and landscape assessment for reclamation plan development
  • coordination and supervision of contractors and equipment onsite including pipeline crossings
  • comparison between the undisturbed and disturbed areas to ensure effective reclamation within reclamation criteria during the time of work
  • completion of a report which detailed results of the reclamation
  • a detailed monitoring plan to ensure reclamation success in the shortest time frame

Project Details

Ballast Environmental planned and supervised the reclamation of a padded lease, access road and borrow pit which was also the remote sump. There was an active sour gas pipeline located between the lease and the borrow pit, which needed to be crossed. We negotiated the crossing agreements, installed and monitored a land bridge to ensure no damage to the pipeline.

The lease was cut and filled and approximately 5,400 m3 of clay was transported back into the burrow pit. At the deepest point the clay pad on the lease was 2.2 metres thick.

The access road was corded and contained approximately 3,000 m3 of clay which was placed back into the borrow pit. The access road also contained portions with geotextile matting and existing tree stumps with trunks 0.2 to 0.3 metres high. The topsoil had not been salvaged before the construction of the access road so the removal of the road had to be meticulous.