Ballast Environmental provided the following to achieve project goals:

  • review of the associated Phase I ESA and related documents
  • development of a work plan and sampling plan for each site
  • organization of all contractors, including locators, EM surveys and crossing agreements
  • completion of a Phase II ESAs in accordance with CSA and AE standards
  • included impacts to the wetland surface water in the Phase II ESA
  • summarization of site conditions and recommendations for further action

Project Details

Phase II ESAs were performed on five upstream oil & gas leases to identify areas of potential environmental concern related to onsite operations. Two of the sites were operating during the assessments, with onsite infrastructure consisting of wellheads, a pump jack, two aboveground storage tanks and multiple underground pipelines. The objective of the Phase II ESAs on the operating sites was to address specific areas of concern such as the flare pits and possible sump locations. The remaining three sites were abandoned. The results from the ESAs indicated subsurface impacts at three leases. Delineation plans and budgets were developed for the impacted sites. Reclamation plans were developed for the non-impacted sites.